Rooms & apartments

Sink into that cosy feeling

At Sonnelino, comfort, cosiness and above all a family-friendly atmosphere in our rooms and apartments are front and centre. It goes without saying that children also have their own room, which can be darkened as you wish. 

from €63.00 /pers./incl. breakfast

Huflattich double room

29 m² incl. 5 m² balcony

from €63.00 incl. breakfast

Heidelbeere single room

22 m² incl. 5 m² balcony

from €71.00 /pers./incl. breakfast

Sonnentau Bambino apartment

34 m² incl. 5 m² balcony

from €76.00 /pers./incl. breakfast

Holunder baby/child apartment

36 m² incl. 4 m² balcony

from €77.00 /pers./incl. breakfast

Kamille three-bed apartment

41 m² incl. 4 m² balcony

from €79.00 /pers./incl. breakfast

Rosmarin four-bed apartment

42 m² incl. 6 m² balcony

from €71.00 /pers./incl. breakfast

Lavendel three-bed apartment

50 m², incl. 8 m² balcony

from €84.00 /Pers./inkl. Frühstück

Löwenzahn four-bed apartment

52 m² incl. 4 m² balcony

from €91.00 /pers./incl. breakfast

Seerose apartment

Approx. 86 m² incl. 24 m² balcony

Where parents and children feel at ease...

To ensure that you don’t have to do without anything that makes your family life that little bit easier, you’ll find a cot and/or crib, an extra baby bath, a changing table and a high chair. A microwave and fridge are also included in every room. 
If you, the parents, want to make the most of the Sonne and Sonnelino hotel facilities in the evenings, simply connect the baby monitor system to your smartphone and enjoy a few hours for yourselves with complete peace of mind.  

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